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One aspect of my non-professional, personal life can be described here. You may have heard about an offering of free in-home caregiving and are looking for more information.


Late in 2021, I made a commitment to live in the home of individuals who needed light assistance and had extra space available. As an example, they lived in their house alone, their children lived too far away or were too busy to tend to the little things that need daily intermittent attention (meds, meals, menial tasks), but they did not want to move to a group living situation. Later, other possibilities came to mind: a single parent trying to juggle care for children, home, work, and friendships, or a young adult trying to launch and live independently for the first time.


In early January, 2023, I started at the first location. I was asked to assist a man, never married, no children, in his 70’s, with Parkinson’s, who wanted to continue to live at home. I stayed with him for fourteen months. At the second location I helped a daughter to care for her mother with dementia. I stayed with them slightly less than three months. I’m hoping to find the third location now.


As with all of my relationships, we enter as equals; neither tenant, landlord, employer, or servant. We work together for your benefit as long as it serves you well. I supplement your abilities with my strengths. I am able-bodied, financially independent, responsible, disciplined, tender, and kind. My daily routines involve reading, writing, and taking care of the spaces and beings around me. I work from home and go out (hikes, dance, cafe) only occasionally. I am not married nor do I have children. I do have two cats who go with me and they have to be accounted for. Dogs and allergies can limit the opportunities. If the cats and I are in a separate space (mother-in-law suite, apartment next door, studio over the garage) opportunities increase. Screened porches and windows for bird watching are cherished.


The therapy practice is also something to consider. During the workday, I'm present for emergencies, but generally unavailable. From 8:00 am until 4:30 pm (occasionally 6:00 pm) Monday through Friday, I am occupied with my practice. It provides the income which allows this to be a free offer. My practice needs high-quality internet service and a quiet, uninterrupted, private space to meet with my clients by video.


If this sounds like it could be a good fit for you or someone you love, please bring us together. Even if you feel this might be helpful in the future, but not at this time, please let me know. Transitions come up quickly and if I know of your interest, I will gladly reach out to you when the next one happens.


Offerings like this have no infrastructure in this economy. They require word-of-mouth to spread. I believe this is a worthwhile offer and many people would find it beneficial. Thank you for your help in sharing it with neighbors and loved ones.

In-Home Caregiving

Symbiotic Living Experiences: A Free Exchange

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