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A Quiet Revolution of the Heart

In July, 2021, my first book was published. I would love to send you a copy or to a friend, loved one, or one with whom you often disagree. The book describes a revolution which begins in the interior spaces of our being (spiritual, emotional, mental) and moves outward from there; through our relationships, homes, communities of exchange, and ultimately to the planet which joins us all together. The revolution it describes is one for equality, freedom, and peace. It is one for our healing.

In the book we join a conversation about our relationship with money and the human suffering it brings on. It describes the myths which justify that suffering and separate us from each other and all of our neighbors on the planet. It recalls an ancient story that has long been awaiting our participation. It is a story which has been told many times before, but seems less often heard today. This book is my effort to tell the story once more so it can be handed down again. And hopefully someday soon, acted upon.

In America, we are often told not to mix politics and religion; nor talk about race or money. This book breaks all of those rules. If you long for a more peaceful, just, and equitable world, and are willing to break a few rules to see it come about, this is a book to read and recommend.

You are free to choose how much to pay. Anyone who requests a copy (please email) will receive one. The break even cost of the book is currently $13.80. If you are able to give more than the break-even, so that more copies can be made available, it would be greatly appreciated. I also long for the day when some are not asked to give more because others have so much less. Payments can be made on the Payment & Fees tab. Persons living and shopping in the Triangle area of NC can pick up a copy at Golden Fig Books in Durham or Carrboro and now at the Purple Crow Bookstore in Hillsborough.


If you are looking for a facilitator for short-term, small group gatherings (such as a book club, Sunday School, neighborhood association) who are discussing issues of the economy, finances, work, race, environmental justice, or inequality, I would like to assist. If you are looking for a speaker for a large one-time gathering, such as a lecture or a preaching service, I would be available for these as well. Please email so we can discuss the details of what you need.

Book Cover A Quiet Revolution of the Heart
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