Answers to Early Questions

Here are some answers to common questions you may have about my practice. If you have other questions, please email me from this site or at:

Most people with whom I have worked are adolescents, adults of all ages, couples, and co-parents. As my career and practice develop further, I want to extend my work with younger clients (aged 12 and above) as well as those adults who care for them; such as young adults hoping for or planning a family; parents; teachers; child care workers, etc.

My fee structure is simple but unusual. You will be asked to determine your own fee. There are data and guidelines to assist with this determination on the Payment & Fees tab. Everyone is welcome here regardless of means. If you do your best and I do mine, it works out well for all of us.


I always want to be able to say, “Yes, I am accepting new clients.” One or two new people are scheduled each week. Because there are often periods when I have more requests for initial sessions than people who attrition out, there may be a wait of a several weeks for the first appointment. I will always schedule you for the earliest possible time. I will also contact you if an earlier option becomes available. If you need earlier attention, look at this page or this page on my website. 


I meet all persons through a private, encrypted telehealth video platform. This allows me to work with people from all parts of my home state of North Carolina and other states within the U.S. as well as those who currently reside beyond its borders. In situations where you do not have reliable internet service, or may be visually impaired, we can instead talk by phone. Though a phone call may be more convenient, the loss of visual communication is significant and video should be the first option if at all possible.


All sessions are held Monday through Friday. The first begins at 8:30 am and the latest begins at 4:30 pm Eastern time. All sessions are one hour long. I prioritize school age children (and teachers) for the 4:30 sessions since they have less scheduling flexibility than most adults.


If at any time you are aware you would like to come more frequently than once a month, you are encouraged to plan ahead. Weekly clients should plan for four or more sessions depending on the flexibility and particularity of your schedules. Biweekly clients should plan for two or more. Those wishing to come every three or four weeks should have at least one extra session scheduled ahead of time.


My experience and expertise is grounded in the conversations held with thousands of clients over a decade of private practice. Those clients have been my best teachers. My former counseling practice was grounded in the research and modalities of Rogerian client-centered therapy, attachment theory, emotion-focused therapy, and interpersonal neurobiology. Much of my informal study since 2014 has been in the fields of history, economics, and social equality.




Christin Bothe

Since our first meeting a few months ago, I've been delighted to find that I have developed a greater capacity to both recognize and accept my emotions, and discern with greater confidence when I need to ask others to help me cope or celebrate what arises within me. I have yet to "figure" life out, but I have more hope that loving my life really is possible amidst the unknowns.

Sara Shull

During this past year I have experienced some of the most devastating events of my life and huge life changes; in the midst of these I have seen major growth in my ability to feel secure within myself. He is humble as he seeks to understand each person. I've recommended his help to many of my friends. I have had so much joy seeing healing take place in their lives as well.