Payment & Fees


My fee structure is unique but simple. My clients determine their own fee. During the Year of Jubilee, no fees will be taken. When the Year of Jubilee concludes (see below), I will make some modifications to adapt the fee structure for teletherapy. Details are forthcoming. I remain committed to letting my clients determine their fee and monitoring payments collectively rather than individually. I wish to place my trust in them as they have placed their trust in me. I also want those who can only afford less to maintain their pride and those who choose to pay more to be free of entitlement.


I do not file for reimbursement from any insurance providers. My fee structure makes the participation of third-party insurance, and their requisite diagnoses, for the healthy and unhealthy alike, unnecessary.


There are two methods for payment. One is secure credit card payment with the "Donate" button. The other is by mailing a check to 2513 Vesson Avenue, Durham, NC 27707, USA.


When I began this fee structure in 2016, I nicknamed it "The Birdhouse." When we met in-person, clients anonymously deposited their payments in this birdhouse which hung on my office wall. 

Please contribute to humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine with donations to International Rescue Committee, Doctors Without Borders, or the Red Cross. Thank you!! 

Note: In 2022, I will hold a Year of Jubilee. I will work, but take no income. The Jubilee will end on December 31, 2022, or when 2022 Total Expenses (see below) equal $32,800. During the Jubilee, you are encouraged to expeditiously pay down your debts, forgive the debts of others, or donate to the National African American Reparations Commission. If you feel very strongly that you should give me something, please donate to the scholarship funds at Wake Forest University School of Divinity or mail  a gift card from the Durham Food Co-op. Thank you for your participation. You can read more about the Year of Jubilee here. 


Cost & Income Data

YTD (As of April 30, 2022)


Total Donations: $0.00

Total Expenses: $9,613.39

Sessions held: 420

Average Donation/session: $0.00

Break-even cost/session: $22.89

Cumulative Averages (2016-2021)


Average donation/session: $51.13

Break-even cost/session: $30.10