Payment & Fees


Please contribute to humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine with donations to International Rescue Committee, Doctors Without Borders, or the Red Cross. Thank you!! 

In 2022, I am holding sessions, but taking no income. I am calling this a Year of Jubilee. You may read more details below and at this link.  

My usual fee structure is simple but unique.


1) In six words, my clients determine their own fee


2) I monitor payments collectively rather than individually. I do this so those who can only afford to pay a small amount feel no embarrassment and those who pay more come to expect no special privileges. When we met in person, almost no one ever took advantage of this anonymity. However, it has come to my attention that when we meet by video a few people are more willing to abuse my trust. Therefore, in order to manage and preserve this system for the long-term, a mechanism has been developed to ensure everyone pays for their sessions. If I discover an individual is not paying for sessions, I first ask them to self-correct. If they do not, I then ask them to find another provider.


In determining your own fee, I ask that you compare your budget with the parameters below and make a decision that is fair for both of us. The rule of thumb is to strive to do the best that you can and trust that the rest works itself out. I have used this system for several years and if you follow that one rule, all will be well.


To make the decision easy, here is a menu to describe the figures in the table below:

Average Donation equals the gross revenue divided by the number of sessions held. It represents the average amount people pay for their sessions. If you want to match what others choose to pay, this is your figure. If you can exceed this rate, because you know others can only afford less, your generosity is greatly appreciated.


Break-even Rate equals gross expenses divided by the number of sessions held. If you would like to ensure that I not lose money with this system, or if you are trying to aim for some minimum, this may be your figure. If you cannot match the average contribution, but you can give a little more than the break-even, your generosity is greatly appreciated as well.


An Equal's Share is a suggested fee; the chef's special. It pegs the current year's salary to an amount even with last year’s total expenses. If you would like to participate in an economic model that is more faithful, just, and healthy than the current system we have inherited, and thus far adopted, this may be the rate for you. At the time you make your payments, throughout the year, you may want to check the figure below. It will likely decline as the year proceeds. It will first be calculated and posted here beginning January 1, 2023.

Here is my heartfelt request: Please pay an Equals' Share for each session and then give 100% of the remainder of what you would have or could have given to a charity of your choice or thelifeyoucansave.orgBetter yet, rather than donate money, see if you, whether adult or child, can volunteer one hour of your time, formally or informally, for each session we hold. It is fundamentally better, for many reasons, if 100 people (my clients) rather than only one (me) make a practice to share a portion of their time or surplus income with others.

I do not file for reimbursement from any insurance providers. My fee structure makes the participation of third-party insurance, and their requisite diagnoses, for the healthy and unhealthy alike, unnecessary.


There are two methods for payment. One is secure credit card payment with the "Donate" button above. The other is by mailing a check to 2513 Vesson Avenue, Durham, NC 27707, USA.


When I began this fee structure in 2016, I nicknamed it "The Birdhouse." When we met in-person, clients anonymously deposited their payments in the birdhouse pictured above which hung on my office wall.


Note: In 2022, I will hold a Year of Jubilee. I will work, but take no income. The Jubilee will end on December 31, 2022, or when 2022 Total Expenses (see below) equal $32,800. During the Jubilee, you are encouraged to expeditiously pay down your debts, forgive the debts of others, or donate to the National African American Reparations Commission. If you feel very strongly that you should give me something, please donate to the scholarship funds at Wake Forest University School of Divinity or mail  a gift card from the Durham Food Co-op. Thank you for your participation. You can read more about the Year of Jubilee here. 


Cost & Income Data

YTD (As of December 3, 2022)


Total Donations: $0.00

Total Expenses: $22,403.65

Sessions held: 1131

Average Donation/session: $0.00

Break-even cost/session: $19.81

An Equal's Share: $0.00

Cumulative Averages (2016-2021)


Average donation/session: $51.13

Break-even cost/session: $30.10