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Payment & Fees


My fee structure is simple but unique.


1) In six words, my clients determine their own fee


2) I monitor payments collectively rather than individually. I do this so those who can only afford to pay a small amount feel no embarrassment and those who pay more come to expect no special privileges.  In order to preserve this system for the long-term, an app ensures everyone contributes. 


In determining your own fee, I ask that you compare your budget with the figures below and make a decision that is fair for both of us. The rule of thumb is that if we both strive to do our best, we can trust that all will be well. 


Since this is an unusual system, definitions for the figures below and guidance, if needed, can be found here.


Cost & Income Data

YTD (As of June 29, 2024)


Total Donations: $25,811.48

Total Expenses: $16,906.81

Sessions held: 578

Average Donation/session: $44.66

Break-even cost/session: $29.25

An Equal's Share: $0.00

Cumulative Averages (After Jubilee)


Average donation/session: $39.71

Break-even cost/session: $21.53

Cumulative Averages (2016-2021)


Average donation/session: $51.13

Break-even cost/session: $30.10


I do not file for reimbursement from any insurance providers. My fee structure makes the participation of third-party payers, and their requisite diagnoses, for the healthy and unhealthy alike, unnecessary.


There are two methods for payment. One is secure credit card payment with the "Donate" button above. The other is by mailing a check to 226 Lydia Lane, Hillsborough, NC 27278, USA.


When I began this fee structure in 2016, I nicknamed it "The Birdhouse." When we met in-person, clients anonymously deposited their payments in the birdhouse pictured above which hung on my office wall.


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