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The Emancipation of Life and Love 

Coming in the summer of 2024. Reserve your copy today

Many Americans live out a story like a creed. It begins with a big bang, then proceeds to the Divine Creation of Adam, Eve, and innate sin. Evolution progresses into capitalism from the survival of the fittest. The rich are smart and the weak are poor. It has nothing to do with race. Those unable to compete for more naturally go extinct. The Earth was created for human consumption—even if appetites lead to self-destruction. Fear is a waste. The free-market’s invisible hand, or God’s begotten Son, will surely save us.

And yet, a vast majority remain skeptical. The spiritual but not religious; Christians who love the teaching of Jesus more than the rhetoric of churches; neighbors who experience violence, fear, frustration, hunger, and loneliness, not to mention hope and compassion, persist in a more just and truthful possibility.

Jubilee: The Emancipation of Life and Love is neither a new story nor a long-lost and forgotten Utopia. It is a story of healing the discontent in our relationships with work, money, the planet, and each other. The Jubilee is already, and it’s not yet. It surrounds us every day and patiently awaits. The invitation is in your hands and the door is always open.

The first one-hundred new readers who order Jubilee will receive a copy of my first book for free. It is a fantastic companion piece. Think of it like a prequel.


Here is a PDF of the opening pages and first chapter of Jubilee: The Emanciption of Life and Love

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